Friday, January 8, 2010

Texture/consistency of period changed after use of birth control. Why?

I have been on birth control for about 4 months now. Since the first month that I started using it, my periods don't flow as normal but instead, come out inconsistently as brown gew. What could be causing the effect? Is it unhealthy?

Note: I apologize for the icky subject matter. If it makes any difference, an STD is not an option because I have never been sexually active. I am taking this for acne.Texture/consistency of period changed after use of birth control. Why?
Hi Observan. yes is normal that brown discharge is just cleaning your system its like your period but don't worry it will get back to normal you said its been 4 months well its all it takes for your body to adjust I promise you by next month you will be back to normal just make sure to drink plenty of liquids because some times that brown discharge will give u a urinary infection, Take care.

good luckTexture/consistency of period changed after use of birth control. Why?
Its just your body reacting to the hormones. It's compleatly normal, so don't worry about it.
Hormones -
totally normal so don't stress. It's just the hormones in the pill
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  • Is it just me or does your hair have a different texture on the side you sleep on?

    I don't really know how to describe it but yes mine does. It also will not ';fix'; the same on that side. It's like it bunches up or something. I hate it!!! LOL I have bad hair days often. Maybe if I never went to sleep HUH??


    I have uneven skin texture on my face, neck, jawline, and chest. Some help?

    I don't get acne anymore, but all over my face, neck, and chest there are these tiny little bumps that don't go away, even after exfoliation. What can i do to get rid of them? I prefer no super-expensive dermatologic treatments though.I have uneven skin texture on my face, neck, jawline, and chest. Some help?
    I know exactly what you're talking about! I have barely-there little bumps on my above my chest and collar bone area. You can feel them just under the skin.

    What I have used that has helped is a moisturizer. (For me) they seem to show up if my skin is dry. I apply a gentle moisturizer to my face, neck, and right under my collarbone. That seems to make them kind of fade a bit. Drinking lots of water also seems to help.

    I also use Spectro Acne Care Gel ';Deep Pore Vanishing Lotion';. It's a little bottle that fits in the palm of your hand (I live in Canada; I'm not sure where you live but if they have it where you are, go get it!)

    I love that stuff and it seems to help for the little bumps on my face and neck. I would suggest to keep gently exfoliating, maybe over time they will fade a bit for you.

    Hope this helps!I have uneven skin texture on my face, neck, jawline, and chest. Some help?
    Other than exfoliation.. it sounds like they're there to stay. I get bumps too, might just be natural skin texture :P we're not airbrushed in real life.

    Can You Change The Texture Of Your Hair From Rough To Smooth? If So, How?

    I'm African-American And My Hair Is Rough, Of Course. I've Always Wanted The Smooth Curly Hair.Can You Change The Texture Of Your Hair From Rough To Smooth? If So, How?
    You can use sort of, calming conditioners.

    Also, buy some straighteners - they often smooth the hair down completely and you can always curl your hair with them too, which is a bonus!Can You Change The Texture Of Your Hair From Rough To Smooth? If So, How?
    get a good shampoo or ask a hairstylist
    There are many different products you can use. Using Pantene Shine shampoo and conditioner for two weeks can really work wonders. Leave in conditioners like Sunsilk Hydra TLC smooths your hair while hydrating it. For curls you should have a thin curling iron, or you can use old fashions curlers which do less damage to your hair. Develop a routine based on your experience.
    well if your hair it dry try using egg whites and mayonaise. then leave it on for at least 20 minutes, but it works best if you put it on wet hair, put saran wrap on your head and a towel then leave it in all night or day. then rinse it out. It might work. it's suppost to make your hair smooth and silky,

    good luck
    use a shampoo like dove it really helps
    it's a genetic thing so I have no idea. have you checked the hair product section to see if they have any products to do such a thing?
    try: ';matrix smooth %26amp; sleek'; shampoo %26amp; conditioner

    or sunsilk brand.
    Really, there isn't a way. Your hair is genetically programmed to grow that way meaning your follicles where the hair grows only has the recipe for creating one type of hair. The people you see who are darkish skinned and have the smooth curly hair either have fake hair or they are mixed with a race such as latin, asian, etc. You can really only use moisturizing shampoo, get perms, and add extensions.

    I'VE GOT IT!

    I am not a hairstylist or anything like that but I know hair lol

    I suggest a hydrating shampoo and conditioner at first. Usually they have ';hydration'; in their name so it will be quite easy to find [make sure it is good by reading everything on the bottles] But make sure they are not a 2in1 type of thing.

    Get in the shower like you would always do. Clean your body first with the body wash you have. The put shampoo on your hand, it doesnt matter how much just don't put too little. take the hand that your shampoo is not on and take a fourth of the shampoo thats on your other hand and put it on the top of your head. really quickly with your hand, just spread the shampoo out for the top of your head. now, take your hair that is not on your head and fold it once to the top of your head so that that hair is showing its underside. Place the shampoo on the underside. now, just simple tumble your hair with your hands and mix and stir and whatever you do so that the shampoo starts to create the bubbles. make sure you get every single centimeter of your hair though that should do it. after that you must comb your hair with your hands [you should comb it all back] until there is not one bump or knot. now you wash/rinse your hair. the first second when your shampooed hair touches that water you start combing a medium slow pace again. just comb it once in the water thats enough. but keep rinsing until the shampoo is gone. immediatly after that you take your conditioner and squeeze it into your hand [the same amount as your shampoo] and since you said that you had really rough hair i suggest you leave your conditioner in there for about 2-2.5 minutes long. repeat everything you did with the shampoo but stop once you have finished combing your hair. since the ends of the hair are the most malnurished part of your hair which is why people get split ends, you just rub all the ends of your hair for a somewhat long time. comb your hair again. now wash/rinse it all off doing the same wash/rinse steps as the shampoo. now you are done.

    what i do is i brush my hair with a comb after i get out of the shower and part it right then and there so my hair grows more naturally and quickly into the partingline i want [and then brush it so its smooth like that of course] and then i blow dry it. if you don't want to part it there its fine but the first day you use this shampoo you should blowdry it. and since you mentioned you were African-American and they typically get frizzy afro like hair when they blow dry it, you should blow dry it a day when you have no plans and are just at home. the rest is up to you.
    Hey there! There's an amazing product I found called Biosilk.

    I bought it at Sally Beauty Supply here.. and I've also seen it at Costco.

    You just use a little bit and it goes a LONG way! My hair was so silky smooth!!

    Good luck!
    Use different Shampoos and Conditioners.

    Try pantene pro-v. or finesse.

    i doubt that your hair will change much, but this may help
    Get it deep conditioned regularly. Hmm or go the salon it works!! They can do anything! Pantene can also work but not as good as if you went to the salon or got it deep conditioned regularly. I hope this helps!!
    hmm, i would try products and shine spray and gel. maybe straighten it then curl it.
    get a relaxer hair band

    Anyone knows if there's a difference in taste and texture between frozen and fresh food? and why?

    Food has to be frozen very quickly, usually more quickly than a home freezer can manage. When the water in the food freezes, it forms ice crystals - the longer it takes to freeze completely, the longer the crystals get. If the crystals get long enough, they will pierce the cell walls and destroy the food's texture.

    Taste is primarily affected by being stored near other aromatic foods. Freezing slows down odor transfer, but doesn't stop it completely.Anyone knows if there's a difference in taste and texture between frozen and fresh food? and why?
    Great question! I couldn't understand why frozen hamburger never tasted quite the same. It seems I was doing it wrong.

    There shouldn't be a difference in texture or taste when freezing foods correctly. Here are a few guidelines when freezing foods:

    1.Keep foods frozen until you are ready to use them. With meats let them thaw in the fridge. Defrosting in the microwave may alter the taste.

    2.Keep foods frozen in their original package

    3.Organize your freezer, with oldest foods to the front so they will be used first. I always date mine with a marker.

    Freezer burn will definitely alter the taste and texture of the food.

    What are those long weight sticks with a foamy rubbery texture you find at hotels and some gyms called?

    They are called toning bars

    Can coloring and lightening your hair chang the texture?

    my hair used to be fairly straight....but since i started torturing it with colors it dosnt fall the same way. now that ive stopped coloring it, it seems to be going back to normal. could this be related to the coloring????Can coloring and lightening your hair chang the texture?
    I think that coloring your hair can mess around with your hair. It can make the texture of your hair hard. I suggest you stay away from dyeing your hair if you want smooth and shiny natural-looking hair.Can coloring and lightening your hair chang the texture?
    Usually only temporarily. However, people that color their hair for years on end can damage the hair follicle. Over coloring/straightening /perming can cause permanent hair loss.
    my hair dresser always told me that your hormones control the texture of your hair! but its possible that the coloring made it healthier/unhealthier and it just lays different.
    not the colour itself but the damage from the chemicals does.
    yeah it can make it thinner
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